Mainly figurative, the pieces of sculpture vary in style and technique. Subject themes often recur but their treatments are different. Both style and scale vary. Early aluminium pieces are unique casts, i.e. no edition. Bronzes are available in editions of five. Some recent pieces have also been produced in frosted cast glass in addition to bronze versions. These are also available in editions of five. Framed, mounted photographs, A2 or A3 size are available in signed editions of ten. Some sketches and prints relating to pieces of sculpture are also available in editions of ten.


Sculpture Sizes:

1. Interior / domestic - 15cm - 60cm (6" - 24" ) high.

Interior examples are shown here in bronze and glass suitable for both domestic and corporate interiors.

Demonstration Glass
Torso II (Bronze)

Revelation I (Bronze)

Demonstration (Glass)

2. Garden / landscape -  60cm - 180cm (24" - 72") high

Outdoor examples are shown here as features for larger private and public locations - garden, water feature, park land and wall mounted.


Contemplation (Bronze)
Premature Thought (Bronze) Torso II (Bronze)
Contemplation (Bronze)
Premature Thought (Bronze)
Torso II (Bronze)


Desert Exiles II (Bronze)
Desert Exiles II (Bronze)


3. Landscape / architectural - 180cm + (72" +) high (to order)

No photos available at the moment.


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